My beautiful daughter

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's crazy how time flies, I can't believe I haven't posted since January. I may not post often, but trust me there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about Jaci.  There is a constant reminder at every turn of every day. I still "smell" her baby powder scent at times and it just reminds me that she will always be with me even if it's not in body but spirit. I love how sometimes just the smallest things can bring back an amazing memory of my sweet girl. My father in law passed away recently, and it made me realize just how precious life can be and how fast someone you love can be taken from you.  So, remember, kiss your loved ones often, tell them you love them daily and never take a moment for granted.  You never know when the last time you see/talk to someone, will actually be the "last" time you see/talk to them! I would have kissed and hugged my baby girl the last time she walked out the front door if I had know it truly was the last time. I love and miss you Jaci Lee.

Crazy week

It has been a crazy week. Last Sunday I found out a friend of mine from high school had passed away in her sleep. Then the following Saturday a famous DJ passed away. Both were very sudden and unexpected. While I hadn't talked to my friend in a while and I didn't personally know the DJ-I listened to him every morning for over 10 years. It made me realize (not that I could ever forget) that life is so precious and we never know when it will be taken from us. Remember to kiss your loved ones every chance you get. Take as many pictures as possible of your kids and cherish every single minute you get with family and loved ones. Live life to the fullest and as Kidd Kraddick always said "Keep looking up, cause that's where it's all at."