My beautiful daughter

Monday, June 29, 2015

Missing you

My sweet baby girl. You cannot imagine how very much I miss you. Every single day there is something that reminds me of you and that beautiful smile. It's so hard to stay strong. It's so hard not to let this whole thing consume me. Even after all these years sometimes that pain is as fresh as it was that day in January. I miss our shopping trips. Those beautiful blue eyes. That smile. Your voice. I still listen to your voicemail. You sound like such a little girl. It's so hard to believe you would be almost 24 years old! A grown woman. I can't imagine what you would be doing and how much you would have changed. I look at Katie and it makes me sad that you are not the one who is raising a daughter. You would be such an amazing mom. You can't believe what an awesome mom Chelsea is. I never would have thought it would be her married with kids. Who knew??? But she and Daniel are awesome parents. You would like Daniel. He's so good for Chelsea. They are a great couple. I love you to the moon and back.

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